Roots tourism

How many are the Italians emigrated abroad? 80 million are the estimated numbers for tourism of those who return to look for their origins. They left, in search of a better life, leaving lifestyle, traditions and rites of cultural belonging shared with their communities. Scattered all over the world and far from the affections and places where they have their roots. Italian PNRR - National Recovery and Resilience Plan - dedicated to them and to the descendants a private/public strategy called “Tourism of the roots”. A great plan of interventions to avoid the cultural impoverishment of our villages and relaunching tourism. Italian in Italy has long been working on the development of activities and projects on the theme. On June 24th 2022 the president Pina Foti led a day of study at the University Roma Tre 'The unexplored potential of idiomatic tourism and tourism roots'

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